Mirko Credito born in Genoa. Whilst he was studies at art school he founded Studiomobile, an art group still active today, where he started the artistic experiments on video and photography. He attended the School of Applied Arts at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan and in 1994 he began his activity as a graphic designer simultaneously with his artistic activity. From 2011 to 2015, he has been teacher of Digital Design at the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa.

Continuously engaged in the field of video art and photography he started research in to the use of food material as an expressive medium. His series Fritture(Fryied)is an evolution of the previous work Maschere di patate (Potato masks)that he made by photographing real decontextualised crisps. The Fritture(Fried)are technically treated according to a particular technique: they are batted and fried in boiling oil, then scanned with a high definition device in order to produce prints in large format. Some of Credito’s objects are a gun, a keyboard, a manga doll. The objects are silhouetted on black backgrounds, like old icons, cut out, almost abstract, well masked behind the gold that frying seems to imbue with gluttony and visual nausea.


2019 Fast Forward Portrait, Villa Bombrini, Genova

2019 Moon, Art Sablon, Bruxelles

2019 “BEYOND THE BUSHES Vol. 1” a selection of erotic art for an experienced public, Art Sablon, Bruxelles

2018 “P/CAS – Contemporary art show by YIA ART FAIR“, Art Sablon, Paris

2017 “JAZZ al MA*GA – MAGA“ Museo Arte Gallarate, Milan

2017 “CERNUSCO JAZZ 2017“ Auditorium Casa delle Arti, Milan

2012 “SMACK!“ Genoa, Porto Antico

2011 “AAF Milano – The Affordable Fair Milan“ – Galleria Violabox

2010 “Fritto misto” Ascoli Piceno

2009 Performance and exhibition “Fritto misto” Festival delle Passioni, Mantova

2009 “Identità io e’unaltro” Palazzo Bottagisio Villafranca (VR)

2007 “FRITTO MISTO” Galleria Aus18, Milan

2007 “Identità io e’unaltro” Palazzo Bottagisio Villafranca (VR)

2007 “Summer collection” Galleria Aus18, Milan

2007 “OUT! Arte e sport: emozioni in movimento” Finale Ligure (Finalborgo)

2007 “Jolly Good Time” Post-Pop, Galleria Aus18, Milan

2005 “Toilette Toilet – Tra pubblico e privato” public baths Piazzale Mandraccio Genoa

2004 “Cappe Rosse” Genoa

2003 “Sinapsi”  Project at Csoa Leoncavallo Milan – Video multimedia installation

2000 “Maschere di patata” at “Il Pozzo” Genoa

2000 “Di Passaggio” oung Genoese artists from: Biennale of young artists of Europe and the Mediterranean Germinations Europe – Pépinières pour jeunes artistes exhibition of the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa

1999 “Biennial of young artists of Mediterranean Europe”, Rome

1995 “Red Ribbon” Palazzo Tursi – Club amici del cinema – Le Corbusier, Genova